Welcome 2021

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2020! So, I did not get to do any art fairs. All of my gallery shows were cancelled. My studio closed. All this meant - work from home. Figure out a new way to do business.

1. Launch new website - WELCOME! Got that done, check.

2. Promote Pet Portraits - check - I partnered with Modern Dog and Modern Cat magazine and held a few giveaways. Look for these again in the spring.

3. Focus on web design and digital work. check -- accomplished this with my graphic company, Digitall Designs. New, revamped websites. Partnered with Tannerite® Sports to take care of their marketing needs.

4. Spend quality time at home. Lots of it. Snuggle with my sweet Lucas. And love on my fur babies, Uma, Princess and Bud.

What does 2021 look like?

- New Shows at DIM Art House starting in Feb.
- New Promotions and giveaways through Modern Dog & Modern Cat Magazine
- New bodies of work.
- More Dogs and Cats!

Stay tuned and stay healthy!