Where did 2021 go? I'll show you!

Whoa. That was fast! Here is a recap of my year...
We kept DIM Art House open and jamming all year long. With themed monthly art shows which we opened to artists from the community, region, world, we really had show after show of amazing and thoughtful art. You can look back at www.dimarthouse.com.
Dim Art House also partnered with the Garvey Tubman Cultural Arts and Research Center (GTCARC) in hosting weekly music lessons for kids in the community. We ended the year with August being "Black Artists Matter Month" featuring the art of John Crisp, Jr., Poets and Performances, and local artists of color in weekly gallery shows. It was exhaustingly superb! A lot of the content and performances can be found on the GTCARC Facebook page.
We look foward to working with them again in the future!

What did I do? I worked my butt off at my day job - Dig-It-All Designs - designing websites and leading marketing efforts for various companies. I did make it to Edwardsville Fine Art fair in September and was blown away by the support of the community. It had been 2 years since I set up my outdoor booth. It gave me a renewed energy and I enjoyed being back out on the circuit.

I did cut back on commissions due to my work load and not having a good studio space. I am in the process of purchasing property that will hopefully act as residence for me and my kids with room for a nice big studio. I want to go BIG in 2022. I want to work in OIL and LARGE canvas. I will be scaling back on my digital work and will need to reinvent my art world. I feel a change in my PET PORTRAITS as well... new techniques and mixed media to just give them a boost.

Looking forward, I expect to be super busy as always. I may get back out on the art fair circuit but we will see what happens with my studio situation, job situation, kid time (always) & I would love to travel and see the National Parks! NATURE~

What are you looking forward to? 

All the best - Christy and Lucas (and fur kids: Uma, Lilly, Rocco, Bud, Princess)